Nominate Now

You only need to tell us about someone in your group or district who has achieved the following Awards:

  • Chief Scout's Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum Award
  • Explorer Belt or Young Leader Belt

The County is informed about all other awards and will automatically invite the award holder. Awards 2020 is open to anyone who has achieved their award between the 24th July 2019 and the 24th July 2020.

How to nominate

  1. Leaders have until the 20th July to nominate an award holder. It is easier if one leader enters all the nominations for a particular section.
  2. All invites and tickets will be sent electronically to the email address entered on the nomination form. It is extremely important therefore that this address is correct.
  3. Award Holders have until the 31st July to confirm their attendance (details are contained in the email).
  4. You can login to My Tools at any time to see who you have nominated and who has replied.
  5. Once all RSVP's have been received, we will finalise the timings and send tickets and final instructions.