Monopoly Run 2018


Let Yourself Go!


Durham Scout County's Monopoly Run is back for 2018 (20th - 22nd April)

Roam across Tyneside and Wearside on buses, trains, the Metro and ferries, using your Day Rover pass (included in your fee) and our special Tyne and Wear Monopoly board to give you clues on where to go and what to do to earn 'cash'. Take photos at the right locations, make videos, take a 'Chance' with our random challenges, help bewildered passers-by with our 'Community Chest Challenge' and use social media to let us know what you're doing - and to track all the action.

As well as Durham Scout County Explorer Scouts / Scout Network members, the event is also open to Units/Networks from the North East Region (come and join us!)

As well as points there are penalties, so check the background of your photos carefully!
Mandela Way

Camp and/or Compete

Teams of Explorer Scouts, Scout Network or joint Explorer/Network (in different classes) from across the North East region can choose to either:

  • Camp for two nights at West Hall Campsite (South Tyneside), with activities and Friday supper, Saturday breakfast, Saturday evening barbecue and Sunday breakfast, and take part in the Monopoly Run on the Saturday (£30 per person)
  • Just take part in the Monopoly Run on Saturday 21st April (£15 per person)

The event is open to teams of between three and six Explorer Scouts, Scout Network members or a combination of both (note that sleeping will be segregated by section)

Note that leaders camping Friday - Sunday are asked to pay £10 to cover camping and catering costs (limited indoor accommodation available) - those just helping on the Saturday pay nothing

Use the form below* to enter a team (or teams), send off your payment and we'll send you more details and a link to provide the full details of your team  (please check that you have all information needed to complete the form before starting to fill it in):

Please note that bookings close on Tuesday 17th April 2018

* To complete the form you will need to know your team name and category; Leader/Commissioner name, e-mail and phone number; team members names, e-mails, phone numbers, dates of birth and who is camping; which leaders will be attending (camping); how you will pay and when you will complete your consent forms. You can also enter dietary or additional needs information. Note that your booking will not be confirmed until payment is received and that you will not be allowed to take part without completed consent/medical forms