2018 – 2023 Development Plan

Our Five Year Development Plan

We now have a new five year development and action plan which brings together:

  • The key elements of the Scouts "Skills for Life" 2018 - 2013 National Strategy
  • Local growth and development priorities identified at the June 2018 County Development Day

The means that as a scout county we will be focusing both on implementing our national strategy and on prioritising those things which our members from local scout groups and districts told us was most important to them.

Progress on the plan will be reviewed at every county team and county executive committee meeting and we expect to update the document to reflect progress. This is a working document which is expected to change as actions are implemented and we expect that new actions will be identified as programme initiatives under the national "Skills for Life" strategy are rolled out and as local priortites change

Updated versions of the plan will be published here so our members and supporters can see what progress we are making and it is expected that each of our fourteen scout districts will develop and manage updated development plans which are also aligned with the national "Skills for Life" strategy and local priorities.

Version Date Updated Plan
1.0 1st August 2018 Durham County Development Plan 2018 - 2023 v1.0 Approved