h2o Adventures


Are you looking for an exciting new activity for your group?
h2o Adventures can take your group Coasteering or Gorge Walking.

Coasteering and Gorge Walking are exhilarating activities for members aged 14+, involving traversing the terrain by swimming, jumping, crawling and climbing. For just £7 per participant, groups of up to 6 will be led by a qualified instructor and all equipment will be provided.

Sessions can be arranged to suit your group. Gorge Walking sessions will start at 1pm and Coasteering sessions are dependent on the tide.

We ask that an adult accompanies the group if the participants are under 18, either taking part (taking one of the 6 places) or as a spectator (free).

A risk assessment will be carried out on the day relating to tides, river levels and weather which may result in events being cancelled or curtailed.

For more information or to book a session please contact Stephen Ramsay at activities@durhamscouts.org.uk