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A Great Week for Diversity and Inclusion

21 July 2018

As you’ll hear from this week’s video blog (apologies for the interruption at 1:31 in - it's not one to watch while you're eating), it's been a great week for moving forward with and celebrating our diversity and inclusion agenda.

You'll be hearing a lot more about this as we roll out the new county development / action plan, which sets the direction and defines what we'll be doing over the next five years (we expect the plan to be approved at the August Executive Committee meeting, after which we'll publish it on the website so that everyone can measure our progress against out strategic objectives).

The development plan and actions will also clearly be spelled out in the 2017-18 Annual Report, which will be published once the accounts are approved, ahead of the county AGM which this year is on September 12th and will include a presentation from our Tall Ships crew.

Growth continues to be a big part of the strategy, but I want us to grow at least in part through inclusion. This is best achieved by reaching out to communities and young people who don’t think that scouting is for them - and showing them that scouting is truly for all.

As long as we share the same values, we're all scouts, and I want to make sure that every young person or adult who has scouting values in their heart can find a place in Durham Scouts.

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