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Large Scale County Events – Confido 2018

19 October 2018

The start of October was of course all about Confido at the Beach and as you'll see from my latest video blog, I had a busy five days helping with the build and over the weekend as Camp Warden.

The atmosphere was brilliant and I reckon that this was one of the best Confido's ever - following what was generally considered to be the best ever Cubboree back in May.

While these weekends look to be all about fun (and there's plenty of footage in my latest video blog of people working & playing hard and having fun) the events do have a serious purpose. In the video I talk about the importance of our large scale county events. As well as being really great fun, they help our young people to build confidence and develop resilience and to develop important social skills - truly "Skills for Life".

While we are proud of the size and scale of our large county events, we never forget that they have a serious purpose and that should also be true of large group and district events too. We shouldn't plan and deliver activities just for the sake of it, or just because we always have. This much effort needs to have a purpose behind it and the most important of these are supporting the delivery of the programme (badges and awards) and/or helping our young people in their personal development.

That's why I'm so proud of what our fabulous teams deliver at events like 'Confido at the Beach' - and why I want to say thank you again to our various Scout Active Support Unit members who make this possible, and to all of our volunteers who come along and make weekends like Cubboree and Confido so enjoyable and so memorable.

Remember - you can view all of the Confido at the Beach photographs on the county flickr site

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