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The Importance of Practical Skills Training

21 October 2018

This last weekend was a super example of the fun we can have as adults in Scouting - by way of the practical skills training weekend organised and ran by Sunderland and Seaham districts at Moor House Adventure Centre.

In my latest video blog (which contains some great photos of our volunteers having fun during their training, and also a video of a District Commissioner metaphorically destroying a Scout Group...) I'm discussing the importance of practical skills training for our leaders and supporters.

When I started as a young Akela, I had very few practical skills, never having been in Scouting as a young person. However, I learned from others and through my initial, basic and advanced training (as it was then). At a national level, as part of the "Skills for Life" strategy we'll be looking at simplifying adult training and placing more emphasis on helping our adult volunteers to acquire practical skills.

Here in Durham Scouts - in some districts and at the county level - we're already delivering practical skills training. This not only gives people the chance to learn from one another and acquire skills which they can pass on to our youth members, but it also gives our volunteers to chance to meet new people and have fun while they're learning.

That's why we'll be looking to provide even more practical skills training in 2019 and I hope to see many of you there.

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