Bug Hotel Challenge

Can You Build a Bug Hotel?

Through April and May, we're asking our beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers and even our network members - and their families - to build the best possible 'bug hotel'

As the weather improves, and despite some of the restrictions we're currently under, it's still possible to get outside and build a bug hotel for your garden, back yard or balcony. For those without their own garden, it's still possible to use materials from around the home or gathered while out exercising.

It is however important that we all follow the restrictions around social distancing and that we only build our bug hotels with those people we live with. This includes brothers and sisters and getting help from parents, carers or other adults you live with.

You can find some great ideas for lots of different designs at:

Woodland Trust: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/2019/09/how-to-build-a-bug-hotel/
Pinterest Images: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/115334440440051025/
Supersimple: https://supersimple.com/article/bug-hotel/
scouts.org.uk: https://www.scouts.org.uk/activities/snug-as-a-bug/


Everything you need to know is included in the Bug Hotel Challenge document below:

Bug Hotel Challenge

We've created a Durham Scouts 'Bug Hotel' Challenge Facebook Group which you can join, to share your stories, photos and videos. We're interested in seeing how you develop your designs, how you build your bug hotels and most importantly - photos and videos of all your bugs as they move in!