County Gang Show


Are You Interesting in Supporting / Taking Part in a County Gang Show?

The County Executive Committee has given their approval to explore the potential for putting on a County Gang Show (for those who aren't sure what a 'Gang Show' is, it's a variety show with a mixture of singing, dancing, comedy sketches and big musical production numbers - see Gang Shows for more details).

Gang Shows are another opportunity for our young people to learn or develop skills (whether performance or technical skills), to build confidence and to meet a wider range of people from across the scout county.

Any Durham Scout County Gang Show would be:

  • Self financing, as with any other county event or activity (fundraising / grant applications would be necessary and there may be a charge to take part, as with any other county activity)
  • Youth led, with significant input from our youth members with respect to venue, the number of shows, content and material
  • Youth focused, with an objective to maximise youth participation with adults playing a supporting role (minimal adult cast with a focus on Scout Network members, management, administration, organisation, technical, safety etc)

We know that we have the technical capability to run a gang show in the county, as many members of the county already provide significant support for, and take part in Gang Shows in Northumberland Scout County. Derwentside District have also succesfully put on a number of excellent shows over the last few years.

To move forward we now need to know:

  • How many of our adults would be willing to support the production of a county gang show?
  • How many of our youth members are potentially interested in taking part?
  • How many of our leaders would be willing to promote participation in a gang show to their youth members and support their participation?

So that the County Executive Committee can consider whether to take this to the next stage (forming a committee to work with our young people to further develop the ideas for a show), we're asking people to indicate whether they and their young people would be interested in taking part. If you or your young people have any interest at all, please complete the form below.