We hope you find these FAQ's helpful but if you have any more questions, please email us at cubboree@durhamscouts.org.uk.

What is Cubboree?

Cubboree returns for another fun-packed weekend with a great atmosphere, great activities and over 700 Cubs camping under canvas!

It's a weekend of adventure and fun with a great atmosphere and over 50 activities to try! 700 Cubs will camp together for the night, eat in our centrally catered marquee and enjoy great evening entertainment.

Why is it only one night this year?

Following the pandemic and after four years off, we're taking things a little bit easier. We're aware that many Cubs won't have had the opportunity to camp and definitely won't have attended a major event.

Who is it for?

Every Cub who is a member of Durham Scouts

Why is it different than a normal Cub camp?

The Cubs will get the opportunity to try some of the UK's best activities over 2 days and camp with 700 of their friends.

What activities will there be?

We've got a packed programme with some of the UK's best activities all in one place, such as Archery, The Cube, Backwoods Cooking and Mountain Biking. Our evening entertainment includes some great music, films and challenges. The full programme is under wraps for now but you can expect exciting and energetic activities throughout the day.

What information do I need when I book?

When you book on our secure system, you'll need the following information:

  • An account on our website - if you don't have one, it will let you create one.
  • Basic information about your group including your district.
  • The number, names and dates of births of the Cubs and Leaders you want to bring.
  • Mobile Phone numbers for each leader.
  • Information about any special diets including vegetarians.
  • A first and second team preference for each leader - see FAQ below.

What do leaders do on camp?

We ask all our leaders to chip in and help in some way during the weekend - its what makes our events work so well. There are a variety of roles on offer and you can choose your preferences when you book:

  • .177 Air Rifle Instructor
  • Active Zone
  • Archery Instructor
  • Cafe Cubboree
  • Catering
  • Circus Skills
  • Crate Stacking/Climbing Instructor
  • Crate Stacking/Climbing Helper
  • Craft Instructor
  • Creative Zone
  • Crossbows
  • Daytime Programme
  • First Aid
  • Helpdesk & Security
  • Media Team
  • Nature Zone
  • Site Support & Services
  • Stage Team (Entertainment)
  • Stewards
  • Survival Skills (Extreme Survival)
  • Technical
  • The Cube
  • Tomahawk Range

How much does it cost?

Cubboree costs just £40 for Cubs and £20 for Leaders. Prices increase by £5 for Young People, from the 4th June 2022 and all bookings close on the 18 June 2022. Numbers are limited to 1250 people on a first come, first served basis.

The price includes a Cubboree badge, 3 meals, 9 hours of activities, 1 night of entertainment, a nights camping, unlimited refreshments from our Cafe and all the infrastructure required to put on this great event, including our large marquee and festival stage.

Are payments refundable?

All payments are non-refundable.

Will the food be any good?

The 7 meals included in the price are prepared by a professional military catering team, who have worked with us on many of our events including Cubboree 2016 and Confido 2013/14/15/16/17 - they are on-time, hot, full of nutrition and we can now server 1250 people in 1hr 25mins! There is generally a choice on offer for those picky eaters, including three different options at evening meal time. We also specialise in catering for those with special diets - just include the details when you book. 70% of those who we have surveyed thing our food is good or brilliant.

Are my Cubs too young to attend?

No, Cubs of any age are welcome to join us. While there are a lot of people attending, we have a safe site with friendly staff who will make every Cub feel welcome.

Is it safe?

With over 1000 on-site, we take safety extremely seriously. We have a secure fenced site with CCTV cameras and dedicated Security/Help Desk/First Aid teams who are there 24/7 to keep everyone safe and happy. The event runs under the rules of the Scout Association, our adventurous activities are instructed by those with the relevant experience/qualifications and we have a full Event Plans and Risk Assessments in place.

How many leaders need to come?

The required ratio in POR is 1 adult to every 8 cubs, plus a leader in charge. A minimum of two adults are required with every group.

Do I need a nights away permit?

No but you will need to submit a nights away notification - we'll provide a template as part of your information pack.

Do we need to provide our own tents?

Yes - these can be hike tents or patrol tents. You don't need to bring any other tents, including mess tents.

When can I setup my tents and when can leaders arrive?

Tents can be setup from the Thursday night (30th June) and leaders can arrive from the Friday night (1st July), ready for Cubs to arrive on the Saturday morning.

Who organises Cubboree?

Cubboree is organised by the Durham Scouts Events Team, who organise events such as Frostie, Cubboree Confido, Geoffrey Gordon and Awards, amongst others.