Dryburn Cup / Vaux Shield – Cancelled

Scout Camping

Dryburn Cup Camping Competition / Vaux Ambulance Shield Emergency Aid Competition

17th – 19th May 2024

These popular Scout section competitions have been revamped and combined into a single action packed weekend for your Scout Patrols. While retaining a competitive element, there is no longer a requirement for Patrols to have won any district competition and the emphasis is as much about having a fun, action packed weekend as it is about winning.

  • The Scout Camping Competition (competing for the Dryburn Cup) has been updated to reflect more modern camping trends, recognising that different Scout Troops use different camping equipment (e.g. the use of Patrol tents is no longer mandatory)
    • There is now more of a balance between programme activities provided by the competing Patrols and fun and engaging activities which are provided by the organising team (e.g. games, team challenges and a camp fire)
    • Scouts camp under a Camp Passport, encouraging the use of these valuable tools which are designed to allow independent Scout Patrol camping
    • The focus of the competition is team work and modern camp craft rather than just 'traditional' scout camping (there are still elements such as making traditional camp gadgets)
    • Patrols are expected to plan their own menus and cook their own meals
    • The weekend now incorporates the Scout Emergency Aid Competition
  • The Scout Emergency Aid Competition (still competing for the Vaux Ambulance Shield) has an exciting new format 
      • The competition is now part of the Dryburn camping competition weekend 
      • All Scout Patrols competing in the Dryburn camping competition will complete emergency aid challenges as part of a 'incident hike', which starts and ends at Moor House on either the Saturday morning or afternoon 
    • The revamped competition will require basic navigation skills and will test emergency aid knowledge up to Stage 4 of the Emergency Aid staged activity badge 

How to Enter

The cost is £14.00 per Scout (plus up to £15 per person to be spent on food for the Patrol from your own budget - receipts will be required). Teams may contain between four and six Scouts in each Patrol. Note that as camping space is limited the 2024 competitions will be limited to the first 20 Patrols to enter. The closing date for entries is 24th April 2024, or when 20 Patrols have entered.

Please note Leaders must provide at least 2 adults per patrol per team for the full weekend, if this is in issue please get in touch as we require leaders to be out on bases.

Note that each Scout will need to bring a completed Under 18's Medical / Consent Form with them.

To enter one or more Patrols, please complete the form below and send payment (£14.00 per Scout) as detailed in the form. [To complete the form will need to provide your own contact details, the names and dates of birth of all Scouts and decide who will be Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader for the weekend. You will also let us know the names of any leaders attending, any dietary or additional needs as well as how you will pay.]

Event Support - We need your help

Leaders are expected to stay and help deliver the competition, camping sleeping in Moor House and catering centrally (but not to aid their Scout Patrols) and there will be a charge of £10 for this. If you're up for a weekend of adventure, please get in touch by emailing dryburnvaux@durhamscouts.org.uk.

Young Leader’s are also able to attend and help with the weekend and the same £10 charge applies.