Expedition Planning Challenge

Calling all Scouts, Explorers and Network Members

Are you ready to put your expedition planning expertise to the test, and take on the best in the Scout County in our expedition planning challenge?

This is serious expedition planning on steroids, racing against the clock to see who can plan an expedition the fastest. The challenge is intended for any Scouts, Explorer Scouts or Scout Network members working towards your top awards. Ideally you work as a team, split up the tasks and submit your expedition plan as quickly as possible to rise to the top of our leader board.

There are different categories suitable for Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members, depending on your level of experience and the expeditions you're planning in the real world. Scouts and Explorer Scout can plan a simpler two day expedition, and Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members can plan a three or four day expedition (you can enter in more than one category if you like, but you can only enter each category once).

We've also been asked if other Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Network members from the North East Region can take part and the answers is yes! We're happy for any of our friends in the North East of England to join in.

Don't worry if you don't have a map and compass at home. We'll send you excerpts of the relevant maps (under educational use licence) and a handy cut-out tool you can use to estimate bearings. You can also use online route planning software, including OS Maps which has a seven day free trial!

As soon as you complete the registration form below your individual clock starts ticking and we start to time you. Our automated systems will send you details of the appropriate challenge via email and you then work with your team to work out your equipment list, menu and routes. It gets harder at each level, so please be sure to pick the right category for your level of experience e.g. as well as a menu, those planning a three day expedition will also need to write a shopping list, and for a four day expedition we expect you to tell us how many calories are in your food each day.

You then use your unique team number and email us your lists, menus and routes and as soon as we receive those we'll use the time and date of your email stop your clock, work out your time and score your expedition plans with a maximum of 100 points available for each set of plans.

The 'league tables'  will show your time and your score. Remember - it's not a competition, but you don't want to let your Troop, Unit or Network down... do you?

The categories are as follows:

Using Online Mapping NOT using Online Mapping
Scouts and Explorer Scouts [Cat 1a] 2 Day Expedition [Cat 1b] 2 Day Expedition
Explorer Scouts and Scout Network [Cat 2a] 3 Day Expedition [Cat 2b] 3 Day Expedition
[Cat 3a] 4 Day Expedition [Cat 3b] 4 Day Expedition

League Table

Times and scores are worked out by our County DofE Advisers - really old people who are very experienced in reviewing these things.

Team times are shown below, grouped by category and with the fastest times first. If there is a '-' against your team name, we are still working our your times/scores

Team # Team Name Category Days Hours Minutes Seconds Menu Score Equipment Score Route Plan Route Tracing Total Score
38 Derwentside Explorers 2.0 1a 0 1 52 22 13 15 40 7 75
32 Totally expert planners 1a 0 6 2 17 16 11 36 8 71
40 Hollie and Chloe 1a 1 7 52 49 19 7 42 10 78
22 Staindrop ESU 1a 3 1 20 54 19 15 41 8 83
26 Uber-gamers 1a 3 23 21 31 19 19 26 9 73
34 Fantastic Five 1a 6 4 42 52 19 7 46 9 81
21 Noah Chapman 1a 6 4 48 0 18 8 43 10 79
25 Neave Prest 1b 0 19 36 30 13 13 35 10 71
23 Logan Milton 1b 1 4 55 46 20 13 39 10 82
17 The Ss Scouts 1b 15 01 45 58 16 11 37 8 72
33 PG 2a 0 2 21 08 13 10 29 9 61
29 Malonneys (pl.) 2a 0 5 45 47 20 19 38 9 86
19 Dora's Explorers 2b 0 4 49 13 13 16 27 10 66
20 Margaret's Mob 3a 0 4 45 48 17 14 24 10 65

Challenge Details

Full details of the challenge are in the following document.

Expedition Planning Challenge

You are highly recommended to read and understand the document in full, and make sure that you and your team are practised and ready BEFORE completing the registration form. Remember, as soon as you complete the registration form your clock starts ticking so you need to BE PREPARED.

You have until midnight on 30th June to submit your entries so you have time to prepare then plan like you've never planned before!