Beaver Scout Visit to Newcastle Gang Show

The Peoples Theatre, Heaton, Newcastle. 2pm, Saturday 18th April 2020

Newcastle Gang Show is the oldest running scout and guide gang show in the world and is full of variety - singing, dancing, sketches and comedy.

All of the people on stage - and most of the people behind the scenes - are part of the scouting and guiding community, including plenty of members from Durham Scouts.

This year, instead of visiting a pantomime, we are organising a trip for Durham Beaver Scouts, their leaders and families. Places are limited to 100 and it's first come, first served (we may be able to get more tickets, but this cannot be guaranteed).

Please use the form below to make your booking (please be careful when entering your email address). We will then confirm your booking and send you an invoices. Please note the following dates:

  • Bookings close: Sunday 8th March 2020
  • Payment to be received by: Thursday 19th March