We are inviting our youth members and their families, our volunteers and our supporters to prepare (carve and/or dress up) a pumpkin in a location which:

  • Can be seen and photographed from public roads and footpaths (front gardens, front yards, driveways and public spaces)
  • Do not cause a nuisance to neighbours and the general public
  • Do not require the use of high-contact surfaces to access (e.g. gates or stiles)
  • Avoid areas where social distancing can't be maintained
  • Are not fully hidden (pumpkins can be partially hidden, but at least half of the pumpkin should be seen from a public location)

If you're intending to go out papping pumpkins, please prepare a pumpkin for others to find. Check out our useful Pumpkin carving insrruction sheet which is full of interesting information, safety tips and templates).

DSC Pap-a-Pumpkin Pumpkin Carving v1.00

All pumpkins should be in position by the evening of Friday 30th October 2020

You will need to use the What Three Words app (download for free from the Apple or Google Store) or the What Three Words website to determine the exact location of your pumpkin. Each What Three Words square is 3m x 3m (10ft x 10ft) and will give a pumpkin location which is accurate enough to find a visible pumpkin - but you need to give us the precise location. Just stand by your pumpkin, open the What Three Words app (or open the What Three Words website in a browser) on your GPS equipped phone, wait a few minutes for the GPS on you phone to settle down and make a careful note of the three words representing your location. (if your phone doesn't have a GPS you can use the What Three Words website to determine the location of your pumpkin using their online map).

Once you have prepared your pumpkin and it is in position, please let us know the location of your pumpkin by completing the form below (if the form does not display please use this link)

You may want to download our Pap-a-Pumpkin poster and place it near your pumpkin, to show that your taking part in the Durham Scouts Pap-a-Pumpkin event.

You can print the poster out on card and laminate it, place it in a sealed poly-pocket or carefully cover it in cling film to keep it dry.

DSC Pap-a-Pumpkin Poster