Over the weekend of 31st October/1st November, use the list of locations and the Pap-a-Pumpkin map to find and take as many photographs of our pumpkins as possible.

Ideally you will need a smartphone with the following applications installed:

  • What Three Words
  • Google Maps

However, if you don't have a smartphone you can still join in following the instructions below

For safety:

  • Young children should be accompanied by older brothers or sisters, or parents / carers.
  • Please comply with any local restrictions on social mixing e.g. only Pap-a-Pumpkin with members of your own household
  • Wash your hands carefully before going out and when arriving home
  • If going out early in the morning, at dusk or when it's dark, wear something bright / reflective
  • Stay on public roads and footpaths - do not trespass on private land (all pumpkins should be photographable from a public road or footpath)
  • Be aware of road traffic and be careful crossing any roads
  • Be aware of other people and maintain social distancing at all times


Using a SmartPhone

Use your smartphone to access the Pap-a-Pumpkin map page

You can also use the following link to go directly to the map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1ufHhf_UsxLRYoWsUKOFdKIBoTAemDyQn&usp=sharing (if you have installed Google Maps correctly, this map should open in the Google Maps app - however, if it opens in a browser window it should still work)

Using Google Maps on your smartphone, you should be able to click on any pumpkin icon and receive walking, cycling or driving directions to the pumpkin.

Alternatively, use the What Three Words app to enter the three word location of a pumpkin and press the 'Navigate' button at the bottom of the screen. Depending on the applications you have installed on your phone, you can then link to a suitable application (e.g. Google Maps, Google Earth etc) to navigate to the selected pumpkin, or you can use the What Three Words 'Compass' feature which will point you in the right direction.

Don't Have a SmartPhone?

If you don't have a smartphone you can still take part, but you'll need a suitable hardcopy map to mark up. Go to the What Three Words website (https://what3words.com/) and enter the three words for the location(s) you're looking for. Transfer these locations to a suitable hard copy map before you set out.

Alternatively, you can open the Pap-a-Pumpkin map directly in your browser and print a hard copy of all the pumpkins in your local area before you set out.

Taking Photos of Your Pumpkins

Once you find a pumpkin, take a photo of the pumpkin - you may even be able to get a selfie with some of the pumpkins. Please ensure that you remain on the public highway / footpath when taking your photographs. You can take photographs of as many pumpkins as you can find.

Taking Photos of Your Pumpkins

Once you've taken as many photos of pumpkins as you can, you can them upload them to our Pap-a-Pumpkin Facebook Page (@DSCPapaPumpkin)

In your post please include photographs of all the pumpkins you have papped, and clearly state in your post:

  • Your name, section and group
  • Your Scout County
  • How many pumpkins you've photographed

if you don't use Facebook you can send an email to pap@durhamscouts.org.uk and include:

  • Your name, section and group
  • Your Scout County
  • How many pumpkins you've photographed
  • Copies of your photographs (if you've papped a lot of pumpkins you may need to reduce the file size of the photos to email them all)

Posts should be made and emails should be sent no later than midnight on Monday 2nd November.

We'll provide a leader board for each Scout County, or you may want to hold a competition to see who can pap the most pumpkins in your section, Group or District.