Summer of Scouting

Throughout the summer of 2020, the North East Region Scout Counties have come together to provide our members - and all young people - with a "Summer of Scouting".

Our young people have had a difficult year with little or limited schooling, face-to-face Scouting is only just starting to resume and there are reduced opportunities to connect with their peers. We want to make sure that they have plenty to do before schooling resumes and that's why we've we've decided to share everything we're doing across the region and make sure that all young people are invited to take part.

It's a combination of virtual camps and events, activities and challenges and all young people can take part, whether they're involved in Scouting or not. There's also an opportunity for our beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers and even our scout network members to meet up with one another in their online meetings.

Programme of Activities

The following document contains all of the details of the programme of activities, which starts with our very own Durham Scouts Camp@Home2. It has links to all of the webpages and Facebook pages where you can find details of the various camps, activities and challenges. There are virtual camps, a photography chalenge, a geotracking challenge, a camping competition for you to enjoy and even a Christmas in Summer!

NE Summer of Scouting

Take a Scouting "Staycation"

Over the summer you can virtually tour all eight Scout Counties in the North East Region, completing six challenges and activities from each, all of which are contained in the document below. You can pick and choose the activities you'd like to do, or do them in your own time. Alternatively, you can join us on our virtual tour via Durham Scouts social media, where each week we'll ask you to complete the six challenges from a different Scout County, making eight weeks of activities and 48 activities and ideas in total.

NE Region Staycation Final version

North East Scout Links

Are you a leader wanting to form a link across the NE Region?

Here’s a quick and easy way to make a link to another Scout Group. All you need to do is to submit the form (link below) and we will link you up with another colony, pack, troop or unit who have joined the scheme. We will then put you in touch with their leaders for you to be able to establish a link locally.

Once you have the email link to your partner group or section you could:

  • Arrange to have a joint virtual meeting
  • Arrange to swap pen pal letters
  • Send your partner Scout Group an information pack about your local area - perhaps your young members recording videos explaining what's exciting about your locality!
    Swap ideas, games and stories
  • As face to face scouting starts to resume, you may want to develop your link to host each other for a visit to your area.

Taking part in this activity could also count towards the Teamwork Challenge!

if you'd like to be paired up with a colony, pack, troop. unit or network, just fill in the North East Scout Links form

Summer of Scouting Certificate

If you've taken part in any part of the Summer of Scouting, you can download and print yourself a certificate.

There's a PDF version which you can fill in by hand, or Leaders might want to download the editable Microsoft Word version to edit and send to their members

Summer of Scouting Certificate

Editable Summer of Scouting Certificate


Our thanks go to all of our colleagues across the North East Scouts region who have made the Summer of Scouting possible.