World Scout Moot 2022

16th World Scout Moot - Ireland

Applications are now open to join the UK Contingent to the 16th World Scout Moot, which is being held in Ireland from Monday 19th July to Thursday 29th July 2021.

The last Moot was in Iceland and plenty of Durham Scouts Network members and adult supporters had a great time.

There are opportunities to attend as either:

  • Participants - aged 18 to 25 (on the first day of the Moot (19th July 2021), participants must be at least 18 years old, and must be under 26 years of age. Therefore they must have been born between 20th July 1995 and 19th July 2003.
  • International Service Team (IST) - aged 25+ (IST must be at least 26 years of age on 19th July 2021, e.g. their date of birth must be 19th July 1995 or earlier. IST will be expected to be present at the Moot from the 17th July to the 31st July 2021.)

More information on the 21st World Scout Moot ate available on the Moot website, and details of the UK contingent is available at - take a look at

Please note that places will be allocated from an on-line ballot system, subject to an endorsement from the County Commissioner (for participants) or a Scouting Referee (for IST). Applications are only open to 3rd May 2020 and everyone who applies before the deadline will be included in the ballot - so you need to apply now!