HQ Adult Volunteering Resources

Helping YOU to Recruit and Retain more Volunteers

The video below provides an overview of the adult journey through Scouting, and outlines how YOU can recruit and retain more adult volunteers.

Below are some links to some great resources available from the Scout Association Website (please let us know if you find a broken link).

Recruiting Volunteers Six simple steps for recruiting more volunteers
Get Ready to Recruit Are you ready to recruit? Use these tools to help you find out
Planning for Recruitment Planning and preparation for adult recruitment
Family Surveys Find out what the families of our young people can do to help deliver great programmes
Family Rotas Make volunteering a normal expectation for all your parents and supporters by using a rota
Group Get Togethers Making time and space to talk about volunteering in Scouting
Adult Talks Let people know what's great about being a volunteer with your section, group or unit
Open Evenings Why not organise an evening to show young people and parents what Scouting is really all about?
Name Generation Evenings How to identify potential recruits from people you already know
Recruiting Students Recruiting students from local Universities and Colleges
Recruiting members of the public Recruiting when out and about in the public eye, including the use of recruitment stands, leaflets and posters, websites and local events
Involving parents How to engage parents and use their time and skills
The Four Week Challenge Engage potential recruits via a short but fun introduction to Scouting
Using Camps to Recruit Parents Family camps are an ideal opportunity to engage parents as they see what fun Scouting really is
Recruiting Managers For when you need a new Group Scout Leader or Commissioner
Recruiting members of other voluntary organisations Ideas on engaging those who already volunteer in supporting Scouting
Recruiting employers and employees How to recruit from local companies
Vacancy Boards Using a Vacancy Board to identify jobs and start conversations
Support from the Regional Services Team More support available from the Scouts own Regional Support Team
Retaining Volunteers Four ways to keep adult volunteers within Scouting