BUILD Adult Recruitment Workshops

Make the Best of the BUILD Campaign

In September/October 2019 we will be launching the public BUILD Campaign - inviting as many new adults as possible to join us "Build #skillsforlife" for more young people.

If your section, group or district needs or wants more adult volunteers, it's important that you will be ready for the campaign so that you can maximise your opportunities to recruit new adult volunteers as the campaign goes live on local media.

To help you get ready we are organising a series of workshops to help you get the best out of the BUILD campaign and to develop your knowledge of how to best recruit more adult volunteers. Each workshop is three hours and is supported by the Regional Services Team, and will help you to understand:

  • What the BUILD campaign is and how it will work
  • When the BUILD campaign will go live and what will happen
  • How to prepare to recruit more adults and what you need to do to get ready, before the public BUILD campaign happens
  • How to identify and engage with prospective adult recruits and what you need to do once the BUILD campaign goes live
  • How you should follow-up from the BUILD campaign or any recruitment drive, to maximise the chances of recruiting and retaining new adult volunteers
  • How you can use the ideas from the campaign for on-going adult recruitment


To allow as many people to attend these workshops as possible we have arranged SIX workshop dates, with locations spread across the county (these are not all at Moor House - we are coming to you). There should be a location in or close to your district and we have suggested which dates are closest for various districts. However, you can sign up for any workshop date you like (or even come more than once)

Click on the date below to be taken to Eventbrite, to book places at the workshop of your choice. Locations are still being confirmed but will be within the districts stated, so no-one has to travel too far.