Post Your Job Vacancies

If you have a job that you need doing in your section, group or district you can use the form below to advertise it. This will then be processed, and the details will automatically be forwarded to the Regional Services Team who will advertise the role on

We will also include the role on the county website Join Us page.

Please note that in order to maximise the chances of recruiting a new volunteer you should:

  • Focus on describing the job, not the role title. New volunteers don’t understand our role titles and you should focus on describing what you actually want the person to do i.e. what tasks will they be expected to do.
    • Don’t ask for a “Assistant Beaver Scout Leader” if what you actually want is someone to “work with 6 and 7 year olds to collect membership subs, complete the attendance register and run the tuck shop”
    • Don’t ask for a “Group Maintenance Manager” if you need someone to “perform minor repairs on a small building and regularly cut the grass”
    • However, if this is for a standard Scouting role, you can include the role title as this will help the Regional Services Team to understand what you want.
  • Tell them something about your section, group or district. Focus on the positive aspects to encourage people to join i.e. “We are a growing and successful Scout Group with a friendly team of adult volunteers waiting to welcome and support new volunteers”
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – contact them as soon as you are sent their details and arrange to meet with them as soon as possible – ideally when there is something fun happening

Don’t forget that this is only one way of finding possible recruits. Once you have identified the jobs you wan doing you can be much more successful by:

  • Generating a list of names of people who can help
  • Creating the opportunity (the time and space) to ask people in person, telling them about the job you want doing, the time commitment and why you think that they would be great at the job.

Please note that if you would like a role currently shown on changed or removed, please let us know and we'll get the change made (