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New County Structure

15 June 2022

We've been keen to review our support structure to make it as future proof as we can and also so that it helps to support our development plan targets of (1) growth in young people and adult members, (2) top quality in programme, adult volunteering experience and trusteeship, (3) youth shaped involvement, and (4) Scouting involved in and fully reflecting our communities. 

Working with Bryan as County Commissioner, our structure aims to give clear points of contact with teams supporting Youth Shaped, Programme, Activities, Adults and Operations so you'll know where to head to get support and help. 

Youth Shaped, led by Caroline Knox [County Youth Commissioner], with Deputy Youth Commissioners [to be appointed] will be focusing on building the voice of our youth members. 

Programme Support, co-ordinated by Carlton Gronow [DCC Programme], will be by a team focusing on Squirrels [tba], Beavers [Ruth Stokes], Cubs [Lesley Robinson and Sarah Dodds], Scouts [Mike Dodds], Explorer Scouts [Andy Carr] and Network [David Holmes (acting)], each of the sections having access to one of the six ACCs and County Leaders in their teams. Young Leaders support and the Young Leaders' SASU [Sue Freeburn] is provided within Explorer Scouts support and Queen's Scout Award Co-ordinator support is provided within Network support. 

Activity Support, co-ordinated by Bryan [CC], will be provided by three teams led by (1) ACC Events [Ian Hammond] including Events Managers, the Events SASU [Ian Hammond] and providing event first aid support, the First Aid SASU [Maureen Dale], (2) ACC Activities [Stephen Ramsay] including Activity Permits Manager [Liam Martin], Skills Instructors, D of E and Activity Advisers, Assessors, and the Activities SASU [Stephen Ramsay], and (3) ACC International [Dave Russell] including an International SASU [Dave Russell]. 

Adult Support, led by the four County Training Managers, [Pip Cottam, Angie Graham, Ronnie Holmes and Clive Richardson] working as a team, each co-ordinating District-based County Training Leads [tba] and the teams of Training Advisers. Supported by DCC Adult Support [Ian Johnson] in data processing to enable the CTMs to effectively target help and support in districts for mandatory training and Wood Badge completion and in co-ordinating and managing the delivery of training courses to meet identified needs. 

Operational Support, co-ordinated by David Williamson [DCC], will be by a team focusing on Development, Safeguarding Awareness [Sheila Gibbon],  ACC Community [Jayne Gibson] including within it the Diversity and Inclusion SASU [Alex Smith], Mental Health support,  Communications [Jamie Ion] including the Media and Digital SASU [Jamie Ion], and Adult Awards [David], including the County Awards Advisory process. 

Beyond the four areas of support, there is also the 

Executive Committee, led by Hilary Stubbs [Chair], with Steven Whatt [Secretary] and Phil Harnby [Treasurer]. Responsible for a County Chaplaincy [tba], and in addition to general responsibility as trustees, also for the County Appointments Advisory Committee, Finance Management, Moor House Management and Safety. 

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