In this section, you'll find information about our activity teams and other essential information.

National Information

You can get advice, safety information and rules for nearly every activity on the official activity pages.

 Adventurous Activity Permits

To apply for an Adventurous Activity Permit, please read the following guidance, complete the application form and return to


If you're undertaken an adventurous activity, the following advisers will be able to give you specialist advice.

 Air Activities   John Moore
 Archery   David Charlton
 Climbing   Mark Atkinson
 Canoeing/Kayaking   Lee Rushworth
 Duke of Edinburgh   Stephen Ramsay & David Stokes
 First Aid   Kieran Stephenson
 Gliding   John Moore
 Hill Walking   Bob Barnes & Stephen Ramsay
 Skiing/Mountain Biking   Neil Slater
For more details on any activity, please email Stephen Ramsay, ACC Activities at