King’s Scout Award


The King’s Scout Award is the culmination of everything that you do as a young person in Scouting. To complete the award you will need to commit to developing and challenging yourself in many new ways. You will spend time in new places, meet new people and learn new skills. You will develop your communication, organisational and team working skills. It is an achievement that you will remember for the rest of your life and is also recognised by many potential employers.

The 400 or so young people in the UK who achieve their King’s Scout Award every year are invited to the National Scout Service and Parade of King’s Scouts at Windsor castle to mark their achievements.

How to be a King's Scout

To find out more on how to get started, please visit King's Scout Award | Scouts.
Here in Durham Scout County, the King’s Scout Award is supported and signed off by:

(Note that District Explorer Scout Commissioners / District Scout Network Commissioners / District Commissioners can no longer sign off your King’s Scout Award)

There are just six clear steps to becoming a King's Scout:

  1. You register your intention to complete your King's Scout Award below (this step is optional, but will help us to support you complete your award)
  2. Once your registration is processed, your relevant Commissioner will contact you to ensure that you have a suitable local mentor to support you through the various stages of the Award.
  3. You complete the various requirements of the Award, supported by your local mentor. Your relevant Commissioner and/or mentor will be available to help with any questions that you may have. If you or your mentor have any questions about whether what you are planning will meet the Award requirements, please contact your relevant Commissioner before starting.
  4. Essex Scouts @ Gilwell Park - June 2009Once you complete the requirements for the Award, you need to make a presentation of your achievements to a suitable audience. It’s a good idea to invite the relevant Commissioner who will be signing off on your Award.
  5. You complete a King's Scout Award certificate request form, which will then be reviewed and signed off by your relevant Commissioner and forwarded to Headquarters.
  6. Once your certificate and badge arrives, you will be invited to our reception at Windsor (normally the night before the parade), to our County Awards event and will also be given the option to have your award presented locally by your relevant Commissioner.

Support Resources

A logbook is available to support you in tracking the activities you have completed for your King's Scout Award and the completion form you need is on the final page. Download the logbook here.
The Scout Association has partnered with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme to provide some suggestions on activities to undertake for the five challenges: Residential, Expeditions, Skills, Physical and Volunteering.

Registration Form

To let us know that want to complete your King's Scout Award, please email [email protected]. Please note that registration is optional, but we recommend that you register so that we can best support you through the award.