First Aid

First Aid

It is important that all leaders have some form of First Aid training. The minimum requirement for land (excluding Terrain 2) and water activity authorisation is:

  • Attendance at a First Response Course or
  • Equivalent course set by a reputable body (NYA, BCU, SJA, Red Cross etc.) or
  • Full First Aid qualification from an approved awarding body

Like First Response the alternative courses should also be a minimum of six hours duration and include the effects of heat and cold.

In addition, for Terrain 2 authorisation the minimum requirement is possession of a valid, full First Aid qualification. This would be set by an approved awarding body, involve at least 16 hours training and be examined or assessed (rather than being based on attendance).

For more information, please download Durham Scout County's First Aid Procedures.

First Aid Training Procedures First Aid Training Procedures

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