Awards - February

Celebrate the achievements of all our Young People and Adults at the Glow Centre in Newton Aycliffe. Join in with the celebration as they walk on stage.

The Geoffrey Gordon Cup - March

Take a national park, a load of Explorers and great activities and you've got the Geoffrey Gordon Cup. A weekend of adventure for Explorer Scouts.

Monopoly Run - April

Let teams of Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members lose on Tyneside with a Monopoly board and a Day Rover pass - and see what happens

Pete Swinney Competition - May

The Pete Swinney Competition is a big orienteering challenge, featuring a large number of activities around the grounds of Moor House.

Beavers Big Day Out - June

A day of adventure and the famous Beaver Big Day Out!

Cubs Big Day Out - June

A day of adventure and the famous Cub Big Day Out!

Confido - October

A festival atmosphere with over 1200 Scouts and Explorers - 50 activities, central catering and 2 parties.

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