Cancellation / Refund Policy

Event Cancellation

We occasionally have to cancel an event, usually due to circumstances beyond our control and most likely due to adverse weather conditions.

In the event that we have to cancel an event:

  • We will let you know as soon as possible, using the event registration details we have on file. Please be sure to provide accurate and up-to-date contact details when booking
  • If adverse weather is forecast, please monitor your emails and county social media for details of a cancellation. Although the weather is beyond even our control, we will always endeavour to provide at least 24 hours notice of a weather cancellation
  • Once cancelled, we will not reinstate the event on the original date once people have been advised of the cancellation
  • We will attempt to book an alternative date for the event where practical and to carry your bookings forward, but this may not be possible for all events



We reserve the right to cancel bookings or individual places where full payment is not received by a published payment date or in accordance with an agreed payment schedule. In such cases any deposits are non-refundable.



All payments for events should be considered as non-refundable.

We may provide a refund where:

  • Non-attendance is due to unforeseen serious ill-health (at our sole discretion)
  • Other extraordinary circumstances do not allow attendanceĀ (at our sole discretion)
  • Cancellation is made in accordance with any event specific cancellation and refund policy
  • Non-attendance due a test positive for Covid-19 or self isolation (at our sole discretion)

Any discretionary refund will be limited to recoverable costs i.e. we cannot refund monies which have already been spent.