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Beaver Scout Activities and Events Review

9 December 2019

The policy of Durham Scouts is that all events and activities organised by the scout county should be of high quality and should compliment programmes in a way that section, group and districts activities generally do not. This often means that the scout county organises events and activities which are completely different to those which can be organised by most sections, groups or districts or that are of a size and scale that are beyond the scope of most sections, groups or districts.

We are embarking on a review of beaver scout events and activities for 2020 and beyond, to ensure that they meet these criteria and are what our beaver leaders and – most importantly - our beaver scouts are looking for from county beaver scout activities and events.

Everyone involved in the beaver scout section – young leaders, leaders, assistant leaders, assistant district commissioners and, via appropriate youthshaped input, our beaver scouts – are encouraged to complete the following questionnaire to let us know what activities and events you’re looking for, as well as those you think we should perhaps stop doing.

This is an open consultation process with no predefined outcome and all views will be considered.

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