Pap-a-Pumpkin is a giant wide game which everyone can play across the Scout County on Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November. We will also be sharing the details of pumpkins in other North East Region Scout Counties (we'll colour code pumpkins by scout county on our map).

The idea is for our everyone to 'pap' - take a photograph of (taken from the work 'paparazzi') - as many pumpkins as possible over the weekend.

Anyone can take part over the weekend of 31st October / 1st November. You don't have to be a member of The Scouts to take part - but after joining in we hope that you'll think about joining us.

Prepare a Pumpkin

We are inviting our youth members and their families, our volunteers and our supporters to prepare (carve and/or dress up) a pumpkin.

We hope that everyone who plans to go out and pap-a-pumpkin will also take the time to prepare a pumpkin for others to find. Take a look at our Prepare-a-Pumpkin page to find out how to prepare your pumpkin and let us know where it is, so that we can include it on our map.


Over the weekend of 31st October (Halloween) and 1st November you can use our Pap-a-Pumpkin Map to find and photograph as many pumpkins as you can. We hope that Scout Groups and Districts will set up their own 'pumpkin trails' so that our young people and their families can have some fun even if many of us can't Trick or Treat this year.

You can use the What Three Words or Google Maps app on your smart phone, or you can create your own map if you don't have a smartphone.

You can then upload your photographs to our special Pap-a-Pumpkin Facebook Group, or email your photographs to us on

For full details on how to Pap-a-Pumpkin, visit our Pumpkin Papping page


You can also download the following Pap-a-Pumpkin resources:

DSC Pap-a-Pumpkin Instruction Sheet v1.00 (full instructions for taking part, including applicable badge requirements that can be met by taking part)

DSC Pap-a-Pumpkin Pumpkin Carving v1.00 (interesting facts and ideas about pumpkin carving, safety tips and templates)

DSC Pap-a-Pumpkin Poster (to display alongside your pumpkin)