Pete Swinney 2024


The Pete Swinney Competition will take place at Moor House Adventure Centre on Saturday 11th May 2024.

Come and join us for a fun afternoon of activities!

Now more popular than ever, we are pleased to announce that the Pete Swinney competition is returning in 2024, meaning even more Cubs can join in the fun! The Pete Swinney Competition is a big orienteering challenge, featuring a large number of activities around the grounds of Moor House.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter, not just winners of District Competitions. Teams can consist of between 4 and 6 Cubs. Groups/Packs can enter as many teams as they want.

What will happen?

Cubs will be given a map of Moor House showing all the different challenges. Each challenge will have a number of points available for successful completion and each team can choose what challenges they want to try, first using the map to find them. The team with the most points at the end of 2 hours wins!

Cubs don't need any experience of orienteering to enter this fun competition. Basic map reading skills would be beneficial although lots of Cubs just come along to have fun and take part in a range of different activities from some of the bigger activities based at Moor House to the smaller activities which we are asking leaders who are bringing their Cubs to set up and run. Activities will be based around team work with a range of problem solving activities.

Challenges might be mental, physical, skill or team work challenges. We’ll also be using a number of the Moor House activities as additional challenges, such as the Cave Bus, Tree Climb and Archery.   

 All Cubs will receive a badge for taking part. 

Which activities?

We are asking each group who enter a team to provide one of the challenge bases. This might be a mental, physical, skill or team work challenge, appropriate for Cub ages. The more exciting the activity, the more fun the Pete Swinney will be! We’ll review your activity idea beforehand, to ensure that each challenge is different – please submit your idea on the entry form. We’ll also be using a number of the Moor House activities as additional challenges, including Tree Climb and Archery.


  • There will be time in the morning for leaders to set up their challenges and attend the leaders briefing.
  • The competition starts at 2pm and finishes at 4pm.
  • Due to the number of teams we have had over the last few years we will be staggering the arrival and departure times which will be allocated once the event has closed.
  • We will start the afternoon with a wide game whilst teams are arriving.
  • Activities will continue to run for a further hour after the competition ends to enable us to announce the winner on the day.

What to bring

Cubs should wear sturdy boots/trainers for the event with their uniform jumper and Necker and a waterproof coat. They will be outside all afternoon so please come appropriately dressed/protected for the weather on the day. 

We suggest Cubs bring a small backpack with the following: 

  • Water bottle (Can be refilled on site) 
  • Small snack - optional (eg chocolate bar or a piece of fruit) 
  • Sun Hat & Sun Cream 


The Pete Swinney Competition costs £5 per Cub, which includes a badge and all the activities. The deadline for entries is the 4th May 2024.

A Medical / Consent Form will need to be completed for every Cub Scout and Adult and brought with you on the day, you can find these on the link below.

If you have any questions about the competition, then please email us at

Volunteer with us

Can you spare an afternoon to help us make the Pete Swinney a success? 

We're looking for volunteers from across the county to join us, even if your not involved in the Cub Section. If your bringing your own Cubs along, you can sign up as a volunteer as part of the team signup.