Pap-A-Pumpkin Map

How Many Pumpkins Can You Pap?

The map below shows the location of our pumpkins.

You can open a full screen version of the map by clicking the frame symbol in the upper right had corner of the map header. You can scroll around the map to find pumpkins across the North East Scouts Region (we have given pumpkins in different Scout Counties different colours)

If the embedded map below does not display you can open it directly in a browser or in Google Maps by clicking on this link:

Click on a pumpkin icon to open a pop-up showing it's What Three Words location code and to see an optional clue to help find the pumpkin. If you are using Google Maps you can use the 'Directions' feature to obtain directions to your chosen pumpkin (if you are using the embedded map above, this will appear as a white diamond shaped road sign icon with an arrow pointing to the left, locating in the top right of the pop-out box header. If you have opened a separate version of the map in a browser, in the pop up box there is a grey 'Y' shaped symbol pointing to the left).

If you are using What Three Words, enter the three words of the pumpkin you are looking for and use the 'Navigate' feature. This will allow you to open a navigation app such as Google Maps or Google Earth to find directions, or you can use the What Three Words Compass feature to show you the way to your chosen pumpkin.

Below you will find a list of all What Three Word locations and the corresponding clues.

Pumpkin Locations and Clues

The following list contains all of our pumpkin What Three Word locations, and some have clues to help you find them.

Scout County What Three Words Location Clue Lat-Long
Durham Smile for a selfie 54.944898,-1.687289
Durham candle.funnels.truffles In the window 54.904471,-1.744727
Durham remote.cope.badly Boomeracka! Boomeracka! 54.849167,-1.514365