Can We Fund Your Bright Idea?

Durham Scout County has funds available to support the development of local Scouting and we want to hear your Bright Ideas. This is supported by generous donations from the Sir John Priestman Charity Trust and the W A Handley Charity Trust, interest free loans provided by the William Leech Charity and other kind donors.

If you meet the Bright Idea criteria and we have money in the Bright Idea 'Big Pot', we'll help you to develop local Scouting. We have grants available and can also offer interest free loans, so read the guidance documents to see what we can offer.

What Counts as a Bright Idea?

Your Bright Idea should aim to increase the number of young people Scouting in your area, and the quality of their Scouting. It could be for a development loan or grant to open a new section or Group, for improvements to local Scouting infrastructure or facilities, for training support - or it might be for a Bright Idea that we've never considered before.

At the heart of your Bright Idea should be something that makes Scouting more sustainable and which builds capacity in the medium to long term.

Bright Idea Guidance (v1 00 May 2017)

Bright Idea Application Form (v1 00 May 2017)


How Do We Apply for a Bright Idea Grant/Loan?

It's simple:

  1. Download the guidance document to see if your idea is really a Bright Idea
  2. Complete the application form1 and send it back to us ( or sent to to 'County Administrator' at the usual Moor House address marked 'Bright Idea')
  3. Wait to hear back - we'll get back to you as quickly as possible, to help make your Bright Idea a reality

1 If you need help completing the application form or have questions, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.