Diversity and Inclusion Support

Welcome to the Diversity and Inclusion pages - where members of Durham Scouts can obtain support on all aspects of diverse and inclusive Scouting.

Can We Help?

If you have any questions on any aspect of diversity and inclusion or need any practical help with supporting youth members or adults with additional needs, feel free to contact the County Diversity and Inclusion Team on diversityinclusion@durhamscouts.org.uk

Join Us

If you have experience with any aspect of diversity and inclusion or even if you are just passionate about inclusive scouting and you would like to help support our volunteers why not join the county Diversity and Inclusion Team (Active Support Unit)?

We provide guidance and support on aspects of physical disabilities, behavioural challenges, additional needs, mental health support, racial/religious inclusion, gender and sexualty inclusion and support for those in financial need and you can find out more about the team and sign up at Diversity and Inclusion Team

Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

On 13th April we held a workshop, looking at a number of different diversity and inclusion topics, including support for autistic youth members, support for LGBT+ members and making reasonable adjustments. You can find the key presentations from the workshop below:

We will be planning additional workshops in the future and would welcome your ideas for topics that you would like to explore - just let us know what you would like to cover.

HQ Resources

We know that it's not always easy to find Diversity and Inclusion resources on the Scout Association website (that will change when HQ complete the update of the new national website). We have therefore provided this handy collection of links. The HQ website will be updated in the coming months and links may change, so please let us know if you find a link that isn't working:

Additional Needs Directory Complete list of HQ Resources for various Additional Needs
Autism Support: General Autism Support Pages

Autism - Enabling Scouting for All (autism webinar recording)

Autism Awareness E-Learning (from the National Autistic Society)

Visual Supports

Top Tips for Autism Friendly Scouting (Poster)

A Leader's Guide to Speech and Communication Needs

Challenging Behaviour and Autism

Supporting autistic young people to join Scouts: a guide for volunteers (booklet)

Parent / Carer Questionnaire

Autistic Spectrum Disorders - FAQ for Managers in Scouting

Challenging Behaviour: Promoting Positive Behaviour

Challenging Behaviour and Autism

Deaf Friendly Scouting Deaf Friendly Scouting leaflet
Faith / Spiritual Awareness Guide to Faith and Spiritual Development in Scouting
Financial Support HQ Grants to Support Members in Financial Hardship

See also County Grants

LGBTQA+ Support: FLAGS Scout Active Support

Sexual orientation

Gender identity: introduction

Gender identity: supporting young people

Gender identity: supporting adult volunteers

Attending Pride

Appointment and vetting processes 

Mental Health Supporting Mental Health
Polish Resources Information on Scouting in Polish language
Reasonable Adjustments Making Reasonable Adjustments

Working with Parents and Carers

Speaking to Parents/Carers (Conversation Framework)

Making reasonable adjustments and adult volunteers

Parent / Carer Questionnaire

Talking About Inclusion A useful guide on Terms used when Talking about Inclusion
Young Carers Young Carers and Scouting