#Youshape Resources

Resources for all Leaders

Youth Shaped Scouting Overview : YSS-Overview-Presentation.pptx

National #YouShape Strategy : National YouShape Strategy.pdf

Youth Pledge : Youth-Pledge-Facts.pdf

Beaver #YouShape In a Box : Beaver_YouShape_Night.pdf

Beaver Specific #YouShape Postcards : Beaver-YouShape-Postcards.pdf

Cub #YouShape In a Box : Cub_YouShape_Night.pdf

Cub Specific #YouShape Postcards : Cub-YouShape-Postcards.pdf

Scout #YouShape In a Box : Scout_YouShape_Night.pdf

Scout Specific #YouShape Postcards : Scouts-YouShape-Postcards.pdf

Explorer #YouShape In a Box : Explorer_YouShape_Night.pdf

Explorer Specific #YouShape Postcards : Explorer-YouShape-Postcards.pdf

Network Specific #YouShape Postcards : Network-YouShape-Postcards.pdf

Resources for Youth Commissioners

Youth Shaped Scouting Overview : YSS-Overview-Presentation.pptx

National #YouShape Strategy : National YouShape Strategy.pdf

Climbing Wall of Youth Involvement : Climbing_Wall.jpg

Youth Commissioner Guide : Youth Commissioner Pack.pdf

Youth Shaped Action Plan Toolkit : YSS-Action-Plan-Toolkit.pdf

Youth Pledge : Youth-Pledge.pdf

Wear Their Necker FactSheet : Wear-Their-Necker.pdf

Wear Their Necker FactSheet : Wear-Their-Necker.pdf

Resources for District Teams

Youth Shaped Scouting Overview : YSS-Overview-Presentation.pptx

Youth Commissioner Adverts : DYC Advert Slides.pptx

District Youth Commissioner Role Description : DYC Role Description.docx

District Youth Commissioner FAQ : YC Q&A.pdf

Training Assessor Guide to Youth Commissioners : TA-Guide.pdf

Appointment Advisory Committee Guidance Notes : AAC_Guidance_Notes.pdf

Resources for Youth Representatives on Executives

Supporting Young People on Committees : Young People on Committees.pdf

The Anatomy of a Trustee : Anatomy of a Trustee.pdf

Learn The Ropes for the Executive Committee : The Executive.pdf

 Resources from Workshops and Presentations

North East Regional DC Conference 2017 (Governance Section) : NE-DC-Conference -2017.pptx

#YouShape Programme Workshop : YouShape-Programme-Workshop.pptx