County Commissioner’s Fund


Support for Those in Financial Need

As part of our approach to equal opportunities, Durham Scout County has established and administers a grant awarding process to allow qualifying members of the Scout County to take advantage of funding which “represents funds made available to the County Commissioner to use at his discretion in aiding needs in scouting”. This fund is known as the County Commissioner’s Fund and is a restricted fund (funds so restricted may only be used for this purpose).

In summary:

  • Up to 50% funding is available, for camps, events, uniform or other activities, subject to a maximum of £250.00 per person per year
  • Funding support is available to those in genuine financial need (e.g. qualifying for free school meals, with multiple siblings in scouting, or experiencing exceptional short term financial need)

Please read the full policy before making an application and also ensure that you have applied to the Scout Association's Benevolent Fund (up to 50% of costs and a maximum of £2,000 available) and also any local Group, Unit or District Funding or local authority funding at the time of application.

To make things simple, we now have just one form to fill in for all funding support, which you can use to apply for support with external fundraising and/or support from county funds. Please email for further information.