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Young Leader Scheme

For full details of the Young Leader Scheme, see Young Leaders on the Scout Association website

Young Leader Training

Although many Districts run their own young leader training, not every district provides a full range of modules. Many young leaders also like to cover a wide range of modules early in their training and enjoy meeting other young leaders from across the county in a residential setting. That's why Durham Scout County organises and runs residential young leader training weekends and Module K 'First Aid Masterclasses'.

Details of forthcoming young leader training events are below.

Module A - "Prepare for Take Off" (Essential and Expectations)

Durham Scouts can run mandatory Module A sessions, which can be delivered locally on request. All Young Leaders must compete this module within three months of starting the role and it is the required training for those using young leaders for the volunteering section of their Duke of Edinburgh's Award. This county delivered training is ideal for young leaders in districts who provide no training of their own.

If you have more than three young leaders (ideally six or more) we can also run Module A in your group or district. If you would like us to come and run young leader Module A training in your group or district, please get in touch (see below).

Residential Young Leader Training Weekends

We don't have any more Young Leader Training Weekends planned yet.

Here's what some of our Young Leaders say about our training weekends:

  • "More things to add to my CV"
  • "Loved the entire weekend"
  • "Food was great"
  • "I'm buzzing to go back the Scouts and have an impact"
  • "It was a mixture of information and activities so it kept it engaging"
  • "Very friendly atmosphere - supportive leaders"

The weekends cover the following modules*:

  • Module B - Taking the lead
  • Module C - That's the way to do it!
  • Module D - Understanding behaviour
  • Module E - Game on!
  • Module F - Making Scouting accessible and inclusive
  • Module G - What is a high quality programme?
  • Module H - Programme planning
  • Module I - What did they say?
  • Module J - Communicate it!

* Module A (Prepare for Take Off) and Module K (First Aid Masterclass) are delivered separately.

(If the above video won't play, you can watch it on our YouTube channel)

The cost for Young Leader training weekends is £39.00 (usually paid by the Young Leaders Scout Group or Young Leader Unit), which covers the cost of subsidised accommodation, food and activities (the training is free).

Module K - First Aid Masterclass

We'll be scheduling further Module Ks shortly.

Because numbers on these courses are limited, we are prioritising places for young leaders who need to complete Module K in order to complete their young leader training and receive their young leader belt.

This training is specifically aimed at a younger audience and has a more fun and interactive element than typical adult first aid training.

Please note that young leaders are expected to have completed Module A (Prepare for Take Off) before attending Module K training. The "First Aid Masterclass" is a 1 day  training session which also meets the requirements for the Stage 5 Emergency Aid badge and Module 10 (First Response) in the adult training scheme. This means that 16 and 17 year old young leaders can use this training to complete the mandatory first aid training requirements of adult leadership scheme (i.e. do not need to undertake First Response upon first becoming an adult leader).

Our thanks go to the George Bairstow Charitable Trust for their financial support to help us deliver this training at minimal or no cost.

Need Help with Local Young Leader Training?

Any competent adult can deliver young leader training locally, but if you feel you need support we can provide you with the ideas, support and materials to do this.

Alternatively, if you have a group of young leaders needing to do any young leader modules we're happy to come out to deliver training, or even work with you to organise a local training day or weekend (subject to the availability of our team members).

To Get In Touch - or Join Us

If you have questions about the Young Leader Scheme, would like to discuss young leader training or support, or would like details of forthcoming training, please contact us on

If you're involved in delivering the young leader scheme or training locally, you can also join the county Young Leader Active Support Unit - a team of Scouting colleagues from across the county who work together to help to deliver high quality young leader training and support. To join us just complete the form.