About our minibus

The Moor House Adventure Centre minibus was purchased with funding from the Youth Investment Fund and is available for hire by groups in Sunderland and Darlington districts and if not required, by other groups within the County. It is also used in connection with providing activities at Moor House Adventure Centre.

Our minibus is a Peugeot Euro 6 Boxer with 17 seats (16 passenger seats). It has portable telescopic wheelchair ramps with a 4 point wheelchair restraints, which if used reduces the capacity to 12 passenger seats.

Who can hire and drive the minibus?

Any district or group in Durham Scout County and employees and volunteers at Moor House Adventure Centre. We are not able to hire to non-Scouting groups. Our insurance stipulates that every driver must:

  • Be registered on the booking form when hiring the minibus
  • Hold a current category B1 driving license
  • Hold a current MiDAS certificate or a current category D1 driving license
  • Have held their driving license for over 2 years
  • Be over the age of 21 and under the age of 70.

Note that employees of Durham Scouts will require a D1 driving license and that GB driving rules apply when being driven. More information is available at https://www.gov.uk/drivers-hours/gb-domestic-rules

What else do I need to be aware of?

The minibus is operated for the benefit of the County, Districts and Groups

  • Please ensure you read the terms and conditions of hire on the booking form.
  • The minibus can be collected from Moor House Adventure Centre during office hours (9am-5pm), 7 days a week at the time shown on your booking form. Please allow 30 minutes to collect the keys and conduct the necessary driver checks.
  • The minibus can be returned during office hours (9am-5pm), 7 days a week at the time shown on your booking form.
  • You should receive the minibus in a clean condition (inside and out). Please return in the same (or better) state. There is a selection of cleaning materials available at Moor House to help you clean the vehicle on return.
  • You should bring the minibus back with the same amount of fuel that you receive it. The minibus takes Diesel. There are two fuel stations within 5 minutes’ drive of Moor House in both directions on the A690.
  • The minibus is fully taxed and has fully comprehensive insurance, with a standard excess of £150. Breakdown insurance is also included.
  • The minibus can only be used within the UK, unless additional insurance and approval is granted.
  • You should not carry overnight bags or equipment in the vehicle.

How do I book the minibus?

  • To enquire about availability, please complete the booking form below and email to bookings@moor-house.org.uk.
  • The bookings team will confirm the booking within a few days.